Do you need a forklift that is compact, easy to drive, has zero emissions, is ultra silent? Then one of our electric forklifts for sale will be ideal for you! We have a range of 4 wheel and 3 wheel counterbalanced electric forklifts that are perfect for indoor use (warehouses) especially for use around food supplies. View our range below or alternatively browse our range of diesel forklifts.

FB – CA Series

4 wheel Electric
1.8 – 3.0 Ton

4 Wheel electric Mitsubishi Forklift trucks match up to engine-powered forklift trucks. Standard features like energy efficient AC drive and hydraulic motors, a regenerative breaking system, performance mode-setting and on-board diagnostics add to the value. The electric forklifts for sale can be tailored to the specific needs of the work application, environment and performance level.


Electric forklift Electric Forklift As forklift users become more concerned with the environment, the endeavour is to replace diesel and gas powered trucks with equivalent models usinfg electric power where possible. These applications require higher performance and heavy duty machines.
Model Nominal Capacity Voltage/Ampere hrs (5HR)
FB18CA 1800KG 48/400
FB20CA 2000KG 48/400
FB25CA 2500KG 48/565
FB30CA 3000KG 72/450


More durable components requiring less servicing and reduce the cost of ownership.

Reliable mechanical components create a 500hr service interval for this model. The ‘AC Power’ indication on the side of the truck stands for higher performance, longer service interval and lower lifetime costs.



Electric Forklifts

3 wheel Electric Counterbalance
1.3 – 2.0 Ton

Mitsubishi Forklifts have recently launched a new range of 3 wheel electric forklifts named the FB-TCB range. The range has four models being a 1.3ton, 1.5ton, 1.8ton and 2.0ton all of which offer industry leading height derations & turning circles. The TCB range also comes with a list of new features:

  • An IPX4 rating allows the electric forklift to work in light rain.
  • A weight indicator.
  • Wet disk brakes.
  • Speed control assist on slopes.
  • Pitching control system allowing the load to stay parallel to the ground when the forklift drives over bumps

“The new TCB has taken Mitsubishi Forklifts to the next level on the electric range,” says Marco Caverni, Sales Director of Masslift Africa.

“Not only does the TCB offer new features which will really add value to our customers and save them money over the life of the forklift, it also has been launched at the same price as the old model making it extremely competitive in the market. I don’t know of any other 3 wheel electric on the market which has as many features coupled with a 3 year / 5000 hour powertrain warranty underlining its quality – we truly are selling the best value for money forklift on the market,” says Caverni.


Features and Benefits

  • Reduced mechanical brake wear (by use of regenerative braking)
    Less parts costs and less maintenance costs over the lifetime of the truck.
  • Improved lift and drive control.
    Gives the operator more control over the truck and load.
  • 500 hours service interval.
    Reduces service costs up to 26%.
  • Sealed drive motor
    The IPX3/4 rated (dust and splash water proof) traction motor can easily be used outside or in cold storage applications where normally IC engine trucks operate.
  • Higher durability rate of the components.
    Less down time.

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